Advanced Features of Application Lifecycle Management Tools

Application Lifecycle Management is an ongoing procedure of handling the life of an application by the way of development, maintenance and governance. Simply put, ALM is the union of software engineering with business management that is made fruitful with the help of tools that assists and incorporate needs management, coding, infrastructure, tracking, testing and release management.

Today, more and more enterprises are leveraging the global prototype for software R & D. As a result of which perhaps their distributed groups are experiencing certain unusual challenges as listed below:-
  • The group members not being on the same page concerning with work item priorities
  • There is an absence of real-time collaboration
  • There might be scarcity of visibility for the overall project, forming silos and general misalignment

These few challenges become hindrances in Agile, where the cohesiveness and a common understanding with the group is essential. Eminent software product development companies helps in addressing these challenges with the introduction of numerous solutions and innovative application lifecycle management tools.

Is Velocity Platform and Application Lifecycle Management Solution
Velocity platform leads to collaboration by using dashboards and reports that offer updated visibility all through the development process. This platform helps to offer continuous traceability between the work items that generate from business needs to broadening every way to the final examination execution outcome and release decision assistance. This visibility assists in distribution groups to recognize hindrances at an early stage and fasten the product development. The focus areas are as listed below:-

·         Requirement Management
·         Agile Project Management
·         Test Management
·         Build Management
·         Source Control
·         Reports and KPI's

Service providers of ALM tools also have forayed in independent verification (IV) and quality assurance (QA), that are two most essential elements for retaining a competitive advantage. Attaining the apt degree of in-house testing can also be costly, challenging and resource – intensive. These service providers offers a comprehensive range of quality assurance and independent versification services that helps in maintaining accord with the high level safety and the other industry standard processes.

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