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Importance of Business Intelligence Tools

Companies and organizations as they do business collect large amount of data. Known as the corporate data, it consists of important information dealing with business operations, current business trends, business strategies of their competitors, latest events and fads and so on. This data needs to be…

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Understanding the Intricacies of Distributed Software Development


How do look up to the mobile phone on your palms? For most of us it is much more than a device for making and receiving calls. With the upswing in the area mobile application development a mobile phone has literally become a computing device and an integral aspect of our lives.

Today most users …

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Advanced Features of Application Lifecycle Management Tools

Application Lifecycle Management is an ongoing procedure of handling the life of an application by the way of development, maintenance and governance. Simply put, ALM is the union of software engineering with business management that is made fruitful with the help of tools that assists and incorpora…

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Software Product Development – Transforming Business Ideas Into Reality

Most of the businesses and corporate sectors today cannot do without Information technology. Software products have become an integral part of the business world. These companies rely heavily on their database products, data mining, and other analysis tools for their day-to-day operations. Furthermo…

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The Benefits of Open Source Software

Typically, the most reliable, secure and efficient software is usually under an open license and not owned by a company. Open source software was developed with the source code freely available to the public. It may be a unique way of developing software, but it is surprisingly common and effective.…

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