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The Benefits of Open Source Software

Typically, the most reliable, secure and efficient software is usually under an open license and not owned by a company. Open source software was developed with the source code freely available to the public. It may be a unique way of developing software, but it is surprisingly common and effective.…

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Outsourced Product Development and the Enterprise

Today’s enterprise is seeking those solutions that can easily address the issues of their SaaS business models efficiently. From effective usage of Agile methods to shortening product development cycles, enterprises are on the constant lookout for solutions that can help them augment the qualit…

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Popularity of Open source databases


Open source databases come with the advantage of being free, available for understanding, modification, and improvement as per needs.

There are three ways of using an open source database - do-it-yourself, thirdparty, and outsourcing. The choice of an open source database depends on factors, such …

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