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Importance of Business Intelligence Tools

Companies and organizations as they do business collect large amount of data. Known as the corporate data, it consists of important information dealing with business operations, current business trends, business strategies of their competitors, latest events and fads and so on. This data needs to be…

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Be the Market Leader with Business Intelligence Tools

Today’ business climate is very different from that of earlier times. The advent of the internet revolutionized the business world by promoting a productive atmosphere for companies of all sizes to grow and expand. Hence, today the business environment is hypercompetitive with small, medium and la…

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Challenges In Developing Leasing Software

A variety of software solutions exist to automate lease pricing and management processes. Since this industry is highly regulated, leasing software is subject to frequent upgrades and changes. Additionally, there is a huge need for a software product to be flexible enough to accommodate the require…

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Challenges in Outsourced Product Development

The initial challenges which a company looking to outsource product development for the first time faces and tries to put to rest some of the myths associated with these challenges. Longevity of the product team with the development partner Myth:It is difficult to motivate and retain crucial team …

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What Agile processes can do to develop better products

Agile processes highlight real time communication

By their nature, Agile processes are collaborative- they work well only when there is high degree of involvement between users and developers. The process assumes time boxes that result in frequent intermediary deliverables that users review and …

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