Why Do Businesses Need Application Lifecycle Management

When software is a part of your business, it is only with ALM or application lifecycle management that you will start achieving transparency and get a thorough understanding of the application process flow.ALM methodology is usually incorporated into software projects that are undertaken by software development firm for delivery to the market. Application lifecycle management managessoftware product development and delivery, right from the initial requirements to software change and release management. It ensures the better delivery of business outcomes as it co-ordinates your staff, processes and tools, giving a less costly and faster solution.

Businesses need Application Lifecycle Management as it brings in numerous benefits. Latest developments in ALM help business owner innovate, anticipate market needs, and provide marketplace leadership. Some of the other benefits are:

  • ALM delivers anticipated results with a quick ROI and ensures that the final application serves existing business requirements.

  • ALM provides superior value to the organization, and leverages knowledge and skills available in IT.

  • It also encourages automation of processes during development and testing to speed deployment, while also reducing current resource utilization.

  • ALM provides better guidance in decision-making during the project to and helps IT managers and project execution engineers make intelligent choices.

  • With ALM there is greater visibility into development processes, thereby encouraging constant improvement.

  • ALM also standardizes and aids cross-team communication to check inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

  • It enhances accountability and provides a transparent record of all actions and decisions.

  • ALM supports the collection of applicable data for business analytics.

  • ALM makes it possible for IT to develop business applications that are in greater compliance with various regulations.

Integration is Critical for Successful ALM Implementation
It is only when ALM is implemented properly that the true benefits can be enjoyed by both business owners and IT.

When individual tools are not integrated,

they are cumbersome and less economical to use. For greatest effectiveness, ALM tools must be integrated with each other and with other tools within the organization. By integrating application development fully into the business processes of the organization, IT is provided with greater and more functional resources. It also boosts the potential for success in application planning, development, and deployment.Application lifecycle management must be the fundamental goal in an organization where software is the primary business. Viewing ALM as a foundation needs to be the business strategy and getting good at ALM must be is an essential part of creating competitive advantage.

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