Understanding The Growing Significance of Mobile Application Development

Wireless technology has become the essence of business communications. Wireless mobile technology has revolutionized the businesses and their processes have become easy than ever before. More and more business owners choose for mobile solutions for improving their marketing efforts and increasing sales and bettering their business on the whole. While no other technology has made such impact, this has also proved so beneficial for users that its future is expected to be very bright. Businesses have instantly recognized the advantages of the mobile technology and are getting developed applications to accelerate their business operations. 

The development of mobile applications has allowed users to enjoy real time information on any device, from anywhere and at anytime. Mobile application development is possible in almost all categories and especially business apps in a way that makes life as well as workflow better. One can access the web, download images, send receive emails, get the latest market updates, enjoy news from all across the world, and can do lot more. Employees working in a company can stay connected and to share ideas, presentations, and crucial business details without facing any sort of hassles. Any task can be in an efficient way with the help of mobile apps. Mobile app development holds a lot of significance for the present day mobile phone and handheld device users. 

Many mobile organizations, SMEs and individuals are leaning towards mobile application development. This has also facilitated in the growth of various mobile development companies who are garnering the plentiful benefits of this new technology. Mobile app development offers the opportunity to everyone to reach their targeted audience. Mobile applications are used for almost everything these days. From communication to networking, from votes, registrations, ratings, and statistics, to online business marketing, the mobile applications have a widespread use all over the globe. Consistently improving our life with faster innovations and inventions there are several mobile solutions are easily available for all of us. Regardless of the size and type of businesses, mobile solution company can offer the best mobile apps to serve business in a better and efficient way. 

Developing mobile applications are best left in the hands of experts. To get the most advantage, it is a good idea to outsource mobile solutions or mobile apps from any reputed mobile solutions company and benefit to the most. Always check the reliability of mobile application development companies through reviews and social networking sites before choosing a service provider. 

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An Appealing Software Development Process with Professional Solutions

When you develop software products it is necessary to understand the actual purpose so that you can implement actions that help in creating an effectual product. You have to ensure an efficient R&D service to gain accurate information on the specific customer requirements. You need tools that deliver competent application lifecycle management services with an integrated framework and comprehensive traceability capabilities.

These tools must facilitate communication between the teams and leverage visibility for monitoring the progress and controlling risks. Flexibility is a highly desirable quality that will help you to customize the tools and use it to meet your business requirements effectively. The software development process is incomplete without quality testing as it helps you to identify defects and apply remediation actions.

Professional advisory services add value to your business and help in achieving the goals successfully. There is no dearth of proficient offshore development services that provide you with a collaborative and transparent platform that helps overcome all challenges with a streamlined and integrated approach. They provide you dashboards for intelligent reporting with real-time status on the development process. This helps you to take critical decisions and accelerate the product lifecycle management process.

Today business has transcended the traditional mediums and moved on to the online realm. The facility to operate a business with the assistance of mobile devices and platforms has created a demand for interactive and responsive mobile application development. The booming ecommerce has revealed many significant benefits. The professional solutions provide you innovative models that facilitate mobile application development and ecommerce solutions for highly appreciative performances. The solutions provide messaging and gaming facilities. They facilitate mobile media streaming and social networking, mobile advertisements and ad engines.

The mobile application development solutions render mobile applications that can be used on portable platforms and devices. The applications are delivered in a secured environment with consistent and unlimited support services. The solutions provide you cost-effective and profound product lifecycle management services with highly favorable returns.

Agility and flexibility are prime factors that can elevate your business and make advantageous gains. Capturing the latest information for a critical analysis and deployment of decisive strategies is the key to a successful and long-lasting business. Thus you need tools that can give you indications of any forthcoming changes and prepare you to deliver credible performances despite any challenges. If you want to develop software that creates lasting impressions then you have to demonstrate unique capabilities that deliver powerful responses.

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Distributed Software Development: Geographically Distant but Collaborated Teams

Globalization and business requirements in an aggressively competitive world demands for the development of a number of technologically enabled services and software. To cater for such requirements, organizations either need to increase the strength of professionals in their workforce or need to outsource the work to external organizations with the expertise in the field. However, the development and vast use of Internet has led to the integration of web applications in the business process paving way for the organizations to make use of virtual teams.

A virtual or a geographically distributed team is made up of members who work across organizational and geographical boundaries and different time zones. For these distributed software development teams, communication is the key and needs to be well connected through corporate networks or the Internet. The team members though distantly located work on the same project or product. For the organizations, involved in product R&D services, the distributed development teams are reason for proximity to customers, work clusters or cost advantages.

The array of software development projects undertaken by organizations for various web development services also requires deep expertise and understanding of the market trends and latest technologies. One way of acquiring this is through the use of offshore development services. Web development services like mobile application development services, customized application development and payment gateway integration are taken up by the offshore development services teams.

These geographically distributed teams irrespective of being part of offshore or nearshore development services, offer the organizations advantages such as improved productivity, knowledge transfer and greater market position. Nevertheless, these teams are not away from challenges such as lack of communication and poor leadership besides n incompetent team member.  However, with technological evolution, the networked teams can stay connected through threaded discussions, web conferencing, instant messages and blogs besides sharing the repositories.

The leaders in the field of application lifecycle management have designed and developed agile methods for a faster product R&D service at a global level irrespective of the type of application With the teams distributed around the globe, combining the agile methodology with the top of the line PLM tools helps distributed software development teams deliver quality products.  The collaborative platform and its framework facilitate a quicker product lifecycle completion, while bringing around a 30% reduction in overhead costs.

The distributed software development becoming the trend in the globalized environment, it becomes necessary to ensure that every team member is equally responsible to achieve the project goal. With the help of scrum-based distributed R&D software and a platform of integrated open source tools for collaboration, tracking and end-to-end visibility of the product life cycle, it is possible to provide the developers real-time access to the developmental process.

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Why Do Businesses Need Application Lifecycle Management

When software is a part of your business, it is only with ALM or application lifecycle management that you will start achieving transparency and get a thorough understanding of the application process flow.ALM methodology is usually incorporated into software projects that are undertaken by software development firm for delivery to the market. Application lifecycle management managessoftware product development and delivery, right from the initial requirements to software change and release management. It ensures the better delivery of business outcomes as it co-ordinates your staff, processes and tools, giving a less costly and faster solution.

Businesses need Application Lifecycle Management as it brings in numerous benefits. Latest developments in ALM help business owner innovate, anticipate market needs, and provide marketplace leadership. Some of the other benefits are:

  • ALM delivers anticipated results with a quick ROI and ensures that the final application serves existing business requirements.

  • ALM provides superior value to the organization, and leverages knowledge and skills available in IT.

  • It also encourages automation of processes during development and testing to speed deployment, while also reducing current resource utilization.

  • ALM provides better guidance in decision-making during the project to and helps IT managers and project execution engineers make intelligent choices.

  • With ALM there is greater visibility into development processes, thereby encouraging constant improvement.

  • ALM also standardizes and aids cross-team communication to check inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

  • It enhances accountability and provides a transparent record of all actions and decisions.

  • ALM supports the collection of applicable data for business analytics.

  • ALM makes it possible for IT to develop business applications that are in greater compliance with various regulations.

Integration is Critical for Successful ALM Implementation
It is only when ALM is implemented properly that the true benefits can be enjoyed by both business owners and IT.

When individual tools are not integrated,

they are cumbersome and less economical to use. For greatest effectiveness, ALM tools must be integrated with each other and with other tools within the organization. By integrating application development fully into the business processes of the organization, IT is provided with greater and more functional resources. It also boosts the potential for success in application planning, development, and deployment.Application lifecycle management must be the fundamental goal in an organization where software is the primary business. Viewing ALM as a foundation needs to be the business strategy and getting good at ALM must be is an essential part of creating competitive advantage.

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Agile Lifecycle Management and Flexible Engagement Model

Agility is the priority component responsible for positive developments in business. If your business is not agile it will fail to make an accurate estimate of what your customer requirements are and the business decisions that you take will not produce the desired results. It will be unable to predict the forthcoming trends and you will lose the opportunity to be an early bird to catch the worm. If your business lacks agility it will be incapable of addressing the risks and concerns effectively leading to disrupted operations and inefficient performances. You need worthwhile solutions for enforcing an effective product lifecycle management process.

The product lifecycle management process that you employ should provide a flexible engagement model that can be customized according to your business requirements for delivery of optimum results. It should provide a platform with innovative capabilities that provides solutions for enhanced research and conceptualization, identification and designing of key features, selection of a compatible and collaborative platform and adoption of a constructive development strategy.

The process should provide facilities that encourage integration and customization. The deployment of the product should be an easy and simple process with provisions for product training. It must ensure the enforcement of best practices and assist in resolving the technical issues easily. The engagement model must provide you support in migration of servers, applications, databases, and enhance interoperability between the platforms.

It is very important to have a proficient team of project execution engineers that can help your business achieve its goals. If you do not have an in-house team you can take the assistance of the outsourcing companies that provide excellent services and provides you the advantage of concentrating and building up the core competencies of your business. The outsourcing teams provide you with valuable industry expertise that helps increase the business ROI with their expert advice.

In today’s business environment multiple things are happening simultaneously. You will find a mixed audience such as the followers of the traditional school along with the mobility-driven generation. You cannot afford to overlook either of these sections. With the younger generation swelling in numbers the demand for mobile applications and ecommerce solutions is expectantly high. A mature disposition is required to deploy business intelligence tools that guarantee comprehensive and terrific effects. An agile and flexible product lifecycle management model can help you handle all the requirements efficiently while ensuring that you savor the fruits of your labor.

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Tips to Choose an e-Commerce Solution


Ecommerce is expanding beyond simple B2C and B2B shopping portals and to  spruce up and increase an online business, ecommerce solutions have become a necessity. These solutions are a gateway to sales for your company. They hold an important value as they help in making a business operate smoothly. Choosing the right solution is important in making your business a success.

What to look for when choosing an ecommerce solution

  • PCI compliance is most important as it is necessary for you to provide security to the personal information of your customers.

  • It is imperative to opt for ecommerce solutions that provide a complete package deal with options like shopping cart, shared SSL certificates, and marketing tools.

  • A good ecommerce solution must provide good documentation and support. It must also have the ability to import product data from a database file.

  • Generally the best solutions come with pre-set tax tables that ensure the correct levels of tax are collected on each order. There are certain solutions that interface directly with information from carriers and can automatically calculate the shipping cost for each order.

  • While most orders in an online store are paid with a credit card, there are still a lot of shoppers who wish to shop and pay using alternative methods. To maximize sales a Web store should therefore be capable of accepting orders with credit and debit cards, paper and electronic checks and digital cash.

  • It is also essential to decide on a solution that automates a good part of the order management and provide a unique number for order tracking. With online order tracking, customers can instantly check the status of their orders. (This can ease the demand on your customer service team.)

  • Look for a solution that provides additional marketing tools like the maintenance of customer buying history and preferences, targeted e-mailing capability, and affiliateapplication lifecycle management management.

  • Examine the reports that are provided with the solution. With no salesperson in your virtual store to monitor customer behavior and buying patterns, it is the reports that are the only source of information.

The key factor to gaining a competitive edge in the growing ecommerce market is to ensure a great customer experience at all times. This includes a sharp user interface, secure data management, a solid POS, rapid performance and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic. Therefore ensure the solution you choose provides a complete suite of all these features along with good advisory services.

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Velocity Platform Tools in Application Lifecycle Manage

The research and development of software applications is a complex process and you need highly proficient tools with intelligent capabilities that can help you face the challenges and emerge victorious and more experienced. As the environment is a competitive one you need to develop products that are of global standards. There are some challenges that can overpower and wreck your normal operations such as the lack of collaboration between the various teams resulting in a disjointed effort.

If you want to develop competent software you have to ensure that the potentials of the individual teams are harnessed and utilized to deliver optimum results. It is very important that each team member be aware of the priorities and the progress. Real-time collaboration helps in executing critical decisions on time for effective results. There should be high visibility so that the entire process can be managed efficiently and in alignment with the main objectives. An integrated velocity platform helps in addressing the challenges and leverages collaboration that delivers excellent application lifecycle management services.

The velocity platform is equipped with tools to provide end to end traceability of the processes, enhance visibility by providing real-time updates and reports to help the teams to identify the areas of concern, and accelerates product R&D services. The velocity platform competently captures the product requirements while remaining aligned with the priorities of your business. It helps to create links between the requirements which helps you to assess the status and its value.

The velocity platform facilitates the project managers in release planning, capacity planning, sprint planning and risk management which helps in enforcing an agile project management process. It provides remarkable test management capabilities by tracing the products and testing them for identification of any defects so that they can be remedied to build a robust and productive product. The tools leverage integration for the successful development and deployment of software products.

The velocity platform facilitates hooking source control tools like Perforce, Vault, SVN and CVS which enables traceability right from requirements to users, defects and source code check-ins. It provides a flexible dashboard which can integrate real-time activity stream widgets and enables each team member regarding the code check-in and check-out exercise thus eliminating the possibilities of dependencies.

The platform also has eminent analytic and reporting capabilities which help in extracting and calculating the metrics to help the development teams to predict their position in the process. The deployment of business intelligence tools that ensures optimized application lifecycle management process is a must for developing agile software.

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Innovative Mobile Application Development Solutions

Today advanced mobiles are high in demand owing to their advanced features and latest mobile applications. These applications help to make the mobile user’s life faster and easier by resolving numerous personal and professional concerns. Businesspersons today make the best use of mobile applications to serve their business better. A great amount of important tasks can be easily performed by them anytime and from anywhere. For instance, inventory control application allows calculating the inventory requirement easily for a desired span of time by simply offering its figures. The results decide on the inventory kind, the inventory percentage and the lowest level of the inventory for a stipulated time. All these results in saving the expense of inventory maintenance.

Today there are eminent Product R&D services companies that have specialized in developing mobile applications. These companies have an in-depth understanding of this domain and have several focus areas. Some of them are:-

  • Location-Based Services (LBS)

  • Messaging & Syncing

  • Mobile Advertisement & Ad Engines

  • Gaming

  • Mobile Media Streaming

  • Mobile VoIP

  • Presence & Social Networking

The top service providers engaged in developing mobile applications have the required expertise and experience by partnering with leading market players in the mobile fraternity. The various capabilities include the following services:-

  • Developing mobile applications in J2ME, BREW, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry

  • Conceptualizing mobile applications and eliciting requirements for instance, UI design, prototype, wireframes, user stories and many others

  • Developing, designing and QA testing applications

  • Porting mobile applications between devices and platform

  • Setting up infrastructure and server-side for location & mapping services

  • Helps in incorporating third-party elements on the server side for instance, SMS/MMS, billing, feeds, ads, content and many others

  • Incorporating carrier, SMSC and billing systems for instance LBS platform for location determination

  • Assists in co-coordinating with carriers and device manufacturers for mobile application testing and certification, such as NSTL, Java Verified)

  • Distributing and launching mobile applications

  • OTA download, such as install and upgrade

  • OEM embedded

  • Carrier Catalogs and storefronts

  • Offering maintenance and other product assistance services

Today the mobile market has developed exponentially owing to a huge demand for the next generation and advanced technology. Users today need sophisticated mobile applications, set up using advanced business intelligence tools, having greater processing power, reliability, flexibility, incorporation and safety with various other applications. Eminent service providers houses the apt processes, equipments and the experience required to assist the ISV’s to set up mobile applications in a cost efficient manner.

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Delivering Predictable Quality through Independent Testing

Maintenance and delivery of quality products or services is the core ingredient that builds and upholds the reputation of your business. The quality assurance tests are critical processes that have to be dealt with precision and proficiency to ensure that the final product is foolproof. The engagement of inexperienced evaluators and engineers for quality testing is a risk that can jeopardize your business fatally. Standardized industry processes have to be followed and maintenance of high levels of integration and security is mandatory to qualify a product and consider it fit for use.

You will not be able to achieve your goals if you do not have professionals with industry expertise on board who use the latest technologies to perform the quality and testing process as per the market trends and give you a competitive edge. As the requirements and specifications of each industry is different these experts exhibit skills and knowledge that are approved by the industry for product development. They have the capability to provide comprehensive advisory services and constant support for the development of automated solutions.

They provide you with fully equipped labs for quality and testing activities. They have a vital responsibility of analyzing the requirements of your business and developing strategies, selecting the testing techniques and making adaptations, deciding the time frames and providing an estimate of the outcome of the process. They provide platforms for certification purposes. They determine the coverage and statistics metrics, set up the test environments, analyze use cases and create test cases, execute the test cases and analyze the results.

They are skilled in detecting defects, providing reports and solutions to fix the defects effectively. They analyze the test cycle results and collect the statistics. They prepare the test cycle status reports. These industry approved testing advisors impart valuable inputs in the areas of unit, multi-unit and system testing, user acceptance testing, functional testing, performance testing, user interface and usability testing, installation and configuration testing, security testing, localization and internationalization testing, products integration testing, regression testing and  technical documentation testing. They recommend innovative and improvisedproduct development services with highly collaborative capabilities for an encouraging result.

The specialized advisory services are a strong support in your endeavor to achieve your business goals as they help identify opportunities that can render valuable effects. Their contributions towards the development of a competitive and quality product without any cost escalations help in leveraging the potentials of your business and ensuring productive returns.

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Importance of Business Intelligence Tools

Companies and organizations as they do business collect large amount of data. Known as the corporate data, it consists of important information dealing with business operations, current business trends, business strategies of their competitors, latest events and fads and so on. This data needs to be consolidated for future reference especially when companies and organizations want to plan strategically their business processes. Moreover, interpretation and analysis of this data can provide valuable insights into their business operations. This in turn would help to identify areas that need improvement, achieve operational efficiency, increase sales, reduce costs, identify new business opportunities and make powerful business decisions.

Business intelligence is the identification and analysis of company’s disparate data to extract meaningful information for more effective decision-making. Forrester Research defines Business Intelligence as “a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making."

However, since mountains of data are developed and collected, companies and organizations need effective tools to manage data efficiently. With the volume of data growing at an unprecedented rate, what is required are effective tools that do more than just organize and deliver information. With the help of eminent market players who have been ranked among the best product development companies, organizations can develop tools that can analyze and interpret data quickly and provide them the much-needed competitive advantage. Let us look at some of the important functions of business intelligence tools.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
OLAP is a category of software product development tools that helps to selectively extract information from multidimensional data and view it from multiple perspectives. It comprises of three important operations and they are consolidation, drill-down, and slicing and dicing.

Data Mining
It is the process of extracting hidden information from large mountains of data and delivering it in a way that is comprehensible and understandable. Data mining tools help to forecast future trends.

Process Mining
It is the process of extracting information from event logs to analyze the processes and thereby identify the problem areas. Process mining provides the necessary tools and techniques to extract process, control, data, organizational, and social structures from event logs.

It is the process of analyzing the business data for developing recommendations to improve business performance in the future.

Complex Event Processing
It is the process of identifying the most relevant events from the cloud of events happening in a company or organization; analyze the impact or effect of those events so that the most appropriate action can be taken at the right time.

Predictive Analytics
As the name suggests, it is the process of analyzing current and historical facts to provide forecast on future events.

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