Velocity Platform Tools in Application Lifecycle Manage

The research and development of software applications is a complex process and you need highly proficient tools with intelligent capabilities that can help you face the challenges and emerge victorious and more experienced. As the environment is a competitive one you need to develop products that are of global standards. There are some challenges that can overpower and wreck your normal operations such as the lack of collaboration between the various teams resulting in a disjointed effort.

If you want to develop competent software you have to ensure that the potentials of the individual teams are harnessed and utilized to deliver optimum results. It is very important that each team member be aware of the priorities and the progress. Real-time collaboration helps in executing critical decisions on time for effective results. There should be high visibility so that the entire process can be managed efficiently and in alignment with the main objectives. An integrated velocity platform helps in addressing the challenges and leverages collaboration that delivers excellent application lifecycle management services.

The velocity platform is equipped with tools to provide end to end traceability of the processes, enhance visibility by providing real-time updates and reports to help the teams to identify the areas of concern, and accelerates product R&D services. The velocity platform competently captures the product requirements while remaining aligned with the priorities of your business. It helps to create links between the requirements which helps you to assess the status and its value.

The velocity platform facilitates the project managers in release planning, capacity planning, sprint planning and risk management which helps in enforcing an agile project management process. It provides remarkable test management capabilities by tracing the products and testing them for identification of any defects so that they can be remedied to build a robust and productive product. The tools leverage integration for the successful development and deployment of software products.

The velocity platform facilitates hooking source control tools like Perforce, Vault, SVN and CVS which enables traceability right from requirements to users, defects and source code check-ins. It provides a flexible dashboard which can integrate real-time activity stream widgets and enables each team member regarding the code check-in and check-out exercise thus eliminating the possibilities of dependencies.

The platform also has eminent analytic and reporting capabilities which help in extracting and calculating the metrics to help the development teams to predict their position in the process. The deployment of business intelligence tools that ensures optimized application lifecycle management process is a must for developing agile software.

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