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Outsourced Software Development in 2011

2011 for the outsourced software development space will further reinforce the benefits that it provides to companies worldwide. It is going to be the year when companies worried about costs will seek for those partners that can ably provide them with solutions that suit their specific requirements. …

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Effective Distributed Agile Development

Distributed development stands for the collective work that is carried out in complete co-operation between diverse teams that may be situated at different sites. For example a software enterprise that maybe in involved in developing a product for which the different parts may be located/built at di…

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What are the Essentials to Know When Expanding your Business to the USA

Not many nations have the characteristics to induce such ingratiating, back-slapping reverence like the American penchant for business. The United States has nurtured and refined modern marketing like the hard-sell, branding, and instant gratification thereby leaving no niche uncovered and no servi…

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Important Social Commerce Trends

The key challenge for online retailers is to connect with consumers even as they become disengaged with typical marketing campaigns. According to a study conducted by marketing analyst Compete, Inc., retailers can achieve commercial success by directly involving consumers in promoting and selling t…

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Popularity of Open source databases


Open source databases come with the advantage of being free, available for understanding, modification, and improvement as per needs.

There are three ways of using an open source database - do-it-yourself, thirdparty, and outsourcing. The choice of an open source database depends on factors, such …

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Innovation Through Collaboration

It is belief that software product companies can emerge from the recession stronger than before and with greater advantages than their peers if they leverage the downturn to break down traditional walls and leverage best-of-breed R&D specialists. An R&D specialist with an innovative culture at its …

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