Android Developer Jobs – Requirements of Android Developer Jobs

The Android platform is an eminent OS today and the Android applications are fast becoming a competent competitor of iPhone applications in terms of gaining visibility. Therefore, if you would have a fair idea of the saas applications it worth considering Android developer jobs as a career opportunity.

However, some essential qualities are required to become one Android developer. The key requirement is to have an in-depth knowledge for the technology. An added experience would always be an added advantage. Top  IT companies offering Android jobs would prefer an experienced than a newbie developer. Interested candidates are always advised to provide their sample works to companies recruiting, so that prospective employers can have an idea of the kind of work they can expect from the candidate. At the same time, it is essential to look into other allied requirements of the job prior to joining.

Today numerous IT brands are offering Android developer jobs.Though each company would have their own specifications, given below are the collective credentials that most organizations look for:-

  1. Having a firm understanding of Linux equipment driver structure and Driver Development/Debugging in the Android sphere
  2. Possess an in-depth knowledge on Power Management, Connectivity drivers such as USB, I2C, SPI and many others
  3. Having knowledge of Peripherals Drivers such as GPIO is an advantage
  4. Having the knowledge of open source working model
  5. Being familiar with BSP connectivity standards such as USB, Bluetooth, SDIO and the like
  6. Needs to have finished numerous product cycles on commercially accessible smart phones/tablets
  7. Having the capacity to interact clearly with customers and their internal groups
  8. Having the ability to work in the group and take onus of the given tasks to closure
  9. The candidate will be working on innovative technology
  10. The candidate will get an extensive exposure towards Linux kernel and android porting
  11. Candidates might have to travel on short term basis owing to project requirements

However, these apart an essential skill to be successful as an Android developer is to have a passion and a good attitude towards developing these applications. The work always turns out to be better in that case.

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